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-Debt-Free Business-

An Online Course to Get You Out of Debt &

to Grow a Healthy Business

Get the steps and guidance to take control of your money, to grow your business, and to have confidence with your finances.

Spending more time at the office

will not fix your cash problems...

will not raise your kids...

will not get you out of debt...

will not make you "make it".

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Change can be hard. Einstein once said (paraphrasing):

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


Stop the insanity today, or...

Keep doing what your doing.

Keep your business afloat from paycheck to paycheck.

Stress about your upcoming tax bill.

Wonder how you're going to put food on the table this week.

Refinance the house again so you can make payroll.

Max out those credit cards so you can keep the lights on and the water running.

Call your customers begging for payment.

Discount your services and products even more.

All just to do it all again next week, next month, next year. Or...


Get out of that cycle! Make a positive change in your life and business. Get the steps and guidance to take control of your money, to grow your business, and to have confidence with your finances.

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Meet Jacob Curtis.

Profit Advisor, MBA, & CPA

Creator of Debt-Free Business

Jacob gets it. He's been there. He's watched clients deal with the frustrations of owning an inventory heavy business, the stresses that it has your personal finances, the constant calling of vendors for payments, the state calling for sales taxes, the highs of a large sale, and the lows of dry spells.

That can all be brought into focus and prioritized to take control of your money, to grow your business, and to have confidence with your finances through Debt-Free Business.

Debt-Free Business


An Online Course designed to

Get You Out of Debt & to

Grow a Healthy Business

Modules, Coaching, & Bonuses

+$500 - Financial Foundations
+$500 - Business Vitals
+$750 - Business Budgeting Basics
+$750 - Goals & Planning
+$750 - Credit Crisis: Loans & Debts
+$1,000 - Tax Tips & Hacks
+$500 - Insurance Essentials
+$500 - Legal Protections
+$2,500 - Weekly Q&A with Your CPA
+$1,000 - BONUS: Your Tech Toolkit 
+$1,000 - BONUS: 1:1 Strategy Call
+$500 - BONUS: Debt Payoff Planner

TOTAL Value: $10,250

Buy Now for Just $499

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More money doesn't mean freedom.

Grow the right way before it's too late.

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Be consistent,

be free.

Get to know Jacob,

 Watch him on Facebook >

Jake is great to work with, super helpful goes above and beyond very thorough if you need someone to help you and take good care of you highly recommend him.

-Benny Ortega

Benny Enterprises, LLC

We have not been working with Jacob long but so far he has been great to work with. He answers all of our questions in a way that is easy to understand and is very responsive.

-Sharon Moore

Foresight Installation Team, LLC

Jacob at Copper Coin was a life saver for us. He is well educated on business principles and does all of our bookkeeping with us and ease of tax-filing in mind. He is extremely attentive to details and keeps in contact often. We would have been lost without this guy!

-Joseph Perry

American Clicker Press Co.

Get to know Jacob,

 Watch him on Facebook >

Get a Head Start, Get 1-on-1 Support


Taxes Prepared

the Right Way

the First Time


Save Time and Energy

Get Clarity in Your Business


Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine

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Jacob Curtis

Certified Public Accountant

UT #7009326-2601
TN #27531

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1000 Revere PL #23-312

Spring Hill, TN  37174

(801) 900-3492

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